Integrate lending risk and finance processes in a single platform.

SS&C EVOLV is a comprehensive, cloud-based, end-to-end accounting solution for financial institutions that integrates and automates all risk and finance processes relating to a loan portfolio, from data capture to back-end reporting and analytics. It streamlines loan accounting, increases efficiency, assures data integrity, strengthens compliance and frees managers to focus on making better informed decisions. And it’s the only integrated risk and finance solution with the flexibility to adapt to new and ever changing accounting standards.

Integrate and automate risk and finance processes and eliminate the need for offline manual and spreadsheet-based processes that are too often performed outside the loan servicing system.

Solve reserving challenges by being prepared for evolving loan loss methodologies, including CECL and IFRS9.

Improve compliance readiness and reporting with greater automation and data integrity.

Support more informed decision-making with advanced analytics, while eliminating processing steps that consume time and resources.