SS&C Loan Services

Simplify the management of a complex asset class.

In a highly regulated and rapidly evolving lending landscape, SS&C Loan Services bring unprecedented operational efficiency and transparency to the management of loan assets – for lenders and investors alike.

Our solutions span all types of loan products, from unsecured consumer credit to commercial and residential mortgages to syndicated bank loans. And we give clients control over the full loan servicing lifecycle, from origination to REO, including bank loan trading with valuation and accounting, loan credit risk calculations and stress testing. No wonder more than 300 clients count on SS&C Loan Services to administer over $1 trillion in assets.

Bank Loan Services: SS&C GoLoans is a single-source, scalable solution that increases efficiency while providing processing transparency across the loan life-cycle. SS&C GlobeOp maintains your books and records leveraging a completely integrated operating company accounting package—alleviating operational burdens while increasing transparency and minimizing risk.

Mortgage Services: Our Precision LM platform provides a single system for managing loans across the complete lifecycle: origination, servicing, accounting and asset management.

Governance and Risk Analysis: SS&C Primatics Integrated loan governance platform provides automated solutions for loan accounting and forecasting, credit and reserving, and loan risk analytics and modeling.