Automate and accelerate post-trade communications.

SSCNet is a real-time, single-system, automated solution for the communication of trade information between investment managers, brokers, custodians and interested parties across multiple instrument types. With SSCNet, you can virtually automate the entire post-trade communication process. Available 24/7 on a highly secure hosted platform, it enables parties to send and receive post-trade data in industry standard or proprietary formats and code conventions.

With SEC 17A approval, the SSCNet trade affirmation/confirmation network is available to North American market participants for transmission of matched trades directly to the DTC for clearing and settlement.

Reduce operational risks: Streamline settlement with straight-through processing and reduce the risks and costs associated with manual processing.

Local and central matching capabilities: SSCNet give you the flexibility to use central or local matching. Choose the preferred match model and criteria, with tolerances based on how parties communicate with each other.

A network of networks: Eliminate the need for costly middleware and automatically translate proprietary message formats into industry-standard formats, including 15022, ISITC and FIX.

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