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3 Trends in Automation: Evolving to a New Normal

Many organizations have accelerated their plans for digital transformation, driven largely by the COVID-19 pandemic and remote work conditions that appear to be the “new normal” moving forward. In the face of the “great resignation,” there is an increasing emphasis on and benefit from adapting to hybrid models of employees working both in the office and from home on a more permanent basis. The growth of those hybrid workforces is in turn driving the need for more efficiency. As a result, organizations are relying more heavily on process mining and AI to achieve their operational goals.

1.  The Hybrid Workforce

Intelligent automation and transformation are important components that ensure hybrid models are efficient and secure, while also reducing the training needed for new employees. Hybrid models can increase productivity and produce greater results with the use of intelligent automation. Automation frees up time for employees and makes processes more efficient to ensure employees can focus on the highest level of their daily activities.1 Automation reduces operating costs with less manual processing, which in turn reduces the risk of error and increases employee and customer satisfaction through faster resolution of work.

2.  Process Mining

The technologies and analyses behind automation continually evolve, and one that has seen a resurgence is process mining. Process mining gives organizations the ability to discover, monitor and improve real processes by extracting knowledge and easily view future models and expected returns on investment, run scenarios based on volume and more. These detailed insights provide adapting workforces the support for new process development, improvements in process flows and performance and a comprehensive view of an organization’s operations.2  So much has changed over the past two years that many processes may not be as effective as they were in the pre-COVID world in which they were created. Process mining platforms, such as BusinessOptix, can help identify these processes with the ability to identify areas of improvement and reveal the changes that will have the biggest impact.

3.  The Growth of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) takes automation to the next level by increasing straight-through processing to reduce workload, digitizing pages to improve processing times and performing risk calculations. It continues to become more prevalent across many parts of an organization. In fact, according to nearly 80% of executives, the implementation and use of AI to automate tasks is proven to increase productivity, improve efficiency by simplifying their jobs and decrease costs.3

Transform Operational Efficiency

With a continually changing business world and digital transformation as a key driving force, now is the time to revisit how you do work:

  • Review your operating models and processes
  • Evaluate technology options to provide incremental benefits
  • Embark on a journey of continuous improvement and change

Digital transformation is a never-ending journey as technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Organizations that survive are those that look to continual improvement. These three trends are critical to organizations in supporting their operations and growth along with providing effective customer service. Organizations that successfully implement and scale the hybrid model while using technology to guide their vision will continue to differentiate themselves in their respective markets.

To learn more about digital transformation and trends in automation, watch our “Achieving the Zero Back Office Vision through Intelligent Automation” presentation where we explore these topics further.


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3Georgi Todorov, Semrush, “Artificial intelligence Statistics for 2021 and Beyond”, 2021

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