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Think You Know Your Digital Co-Worker? Think Again!

Learn why these super-charged, super-intelligent colleagues are game changers

After our annual SS&C Deliver Conference, themed “Delivering the Future,” one thing was clear without a crystal ball—intelligent automation is playing prominently in the future success of health and wealth industries.

SS&C Deliver 2022 brought together global leaders to discuss and share how their companies are investing in innovative technology to help scale operations and drive value. This year’s gathering brought together 1,000+ financial services and healthcare global attendees and 250 speakers across 120 sessions.

Of Deliver’s top 25 attended sessions, half covered intelligent automation, from modernizing legacy financial services technology systems and bridging the digital divide to using citizen development and driving the future of operations with a unified workforce.

So why all the buzz about intelligent automation?

The potential of intelligent automation is staggering

In a global business landscape that’s more fast-paced and unpredictable than ever, one thing is certain — competitive advantage will go to those who optimize technology to approach work holistically and navigate obstacles faster to improve experiences for people.

Intelligent automation’s momentum continues to accelerate as business leaders realize its potential to help businesses surpass key performance indicators in every category. Amid the uncertainty, an intelligent automation platform provides organizations with the certainty of digital labor. These intelligent and agile “digital co-workers” complement your people's expertise to solve operational challenges together.

Super-charged, super-intelligent digital co-workers

Digital co-workers keep your systems and operations running seamlessly in the background so your people can utilize their innate people skills and focus on driving innovation and connecting with customers.

Digital co-workers:

  • Perform 24/7/365
  • Scale up or down easily as your business demands
  • Don’t need sick days or personal time

Intelligent automation at its best

SS&C Blue Prism’s intelligent automation platform partners with people, organizations and technologies to automate end-to-end business processes through digital resources. A digital workforce increases process efficiency, reduces operating costs and returns millions of hours to staff to focus on higher-value work. Intelligent automation removes tedious and manual work, dramatically improving efficiency and boosting employee satisfaction with paths to career growth.

The three pillars of intelligent automation

By realizing the potential of intelligent automation, organizations across industries can:

  1. Unify their workforce
    By unifying the workforce into one collaborative force—seamlessly connecting people and digital workers—you’ll have the right resource for the right job, every time, to deliver the best outcomes for customers and the business.
  2. Transform journeys
    Intelligent automation helps to transform journeys—the way workflows course through the business and its customers. By connecting work that happens at all levels, we can help re-engineer customer, employee and user journeys alike.
  3. Scale automation enterprise-wide
    SS&C Blue Prism provides the visibility and alignment to manage the entire workforce and end-to-end journeys across the business, and, in so doing, drive the performance to deliver the expected results.

So, what does this all mean? Let’s find out!

Learn more through our conversations on the heart of intelligent automation in our exclusive SS&C Deliver “Imagine A More Human World Using Intelligent Automation” eBook. In this eBook, we examine rethinking work—the heart of the intelligent automation journey. Highlights include how intelligent automation empowers people, key skills in the new work toolkit and how intelligent automation transforms experiences for employees and customers.

Download the free "Imagine A More Human World Using Intelligent Automation" eBook now.

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