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Population Health Analytics

Industry-leading methodologies and technology integrating multiple data sources to power health analytics and actionable insights for proactive management of your member care programs.

Accurate, Reliable Analytics to Stratify and Manage Your Patient Population

Spend more time working with members and providers and less time collecting and entering data. Our population health analytics give you population and member health insights to implement a holistic care management strategy.

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Can Populations be Risk Stratified Using Only EHR Data?

This whitepaper explores new insights to continuously improve the use of EHR data and other sources of information to risk stratify populations.


Get to Know Your Medicare Advantage Members: Early Assessment and Stratification is Key

Learn how and when to assess your Medicare Advantage program, plus tips on stratifying and engaging with members in this video.


COVID-19: Identify High-Risk Patients

Learn how health plans and governments can use ACG® System to identify patient populations most vulnerable to COVID-19, Q&A with Johns Hopkins HealthCare.

Population Health Analytics Solutions from SS&C Health

Our proven analytics offerings provide accurate and reliable metrics to stratify your patient population, improve productivity, reduce risk and glean actionable insights that you can quickly introduce into your care management strategy.

Johns Hopkins ACG® System Analytics that empower health organizations to improve accuracy and fairness in evaluating provider performance, identify patients at high risk, forecast healthcare utilization, and set equitable payment rates. The world’s most widely used population-based, case-mix system is available from SS&C Health with a license.

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CareAnalyzer Proprietary enterprise analytics platform with a unique approach that combines elements of regulatory reporting, predictive modeling, provider network evaluation and risk adjustment—all in a single integrated system.

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