SS&C Learning Institute

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Learning online is ideal for busy professionals seeking to gain knowledge and improve skills on their own terms. The SS&C Learning Institute offering includes products and services to ensure financial professionals have access to the tools and resources they need to excel remotely.


GAMMA is a library of online courses optimized for financial professionals. The digital library includes hundreds of hours of financial markets content across an extensive range of topics. Content curated by industry-leading subject matter experts coupled with cutting-edge technology ensures an exceptional learning experience.

If you are an individual looking to complete online courses for CPE credits, you may register for an individual license at the following links:

If you have completed a course eligible for CPE credits, fill in the CPE Credit  Application form and email to

Learning Services

Whether crafting a new course or exploring ways to enhance an existing program, our team can help design, develop and deliver digital learning materials specific to your organization’s unique requirements. Core development capabilities include:

Legacy Content Modernization. Do you have an instructor-led program you’d like to transition into an interactive eLearning course? Are current programs still reliant on Flash technology? Our team can rapidly redevelop existing materials (e.g. Flash, PDF, PPTX, etc.) into responsive, trackable eLearning courses using the latest technology and U/X design.

eLearning Development. Our development team consists of seasoned learning professionals who have designed thousands of hours of interactive learning programs. We’d be happy to assist in the design, development and delivery of custom eLearning courses per your requirements.

Game-Based Assessments. Engage your users with assessments that test their knowledge through the framework of play. Whether a crossword puzzle for mastery of key terms or a trivia game to explore content across key categories, we offer a tailored treatment that suits your content, objectives and budget.


The NeuroLab uses innovative techniques to test various content types (e.g. training videos, eLearning courses, compliance programs, investor relations communications, client presentations, etc.) and measure the efficiency and efficacy of the content. By measuring brainwave activity using electroencephalographic (EEG) technology, we quantify the AMEE: Attention, Memory, Emotion and Engagement, of learners, individually and collectively. Clients are provided with unique and actionable insights into the effectiveness of their content, which enables instructors, designers and content creators to refine and improve learning programs.