Streamline investment operations.

In the quest for higher investment returns, insurers are employing new strategies involving a wider variety of traditional and non-traditional assets. SS&C delivers the right combination of technology and expertise to support a broad array of complex asset classes. Our solutions enable you to focus on making informed decisions while we manage your systems and data.

Comprehensive asset coverage: Our solutions enable you to manage and account for a full range of asset classes, from equity and fixed-income to non-traditional instruments, including limited partnerships, bank debt, mortgage-backed securities, derivatives and more.

SaaS deployment: Software as a Service deployment relieves you of the burden of maintaining systems and reduces the need for in-house IT expertise.

Outsourced operations: SS&C is the industry leader in outsourcing services. We offer a full range of options, from co-sourcing of selected back-office operations to full business process outsourcing. Our operations experts work closely with your in-house team and become an extension of your firm.

Advanced technology solutions

Our solutions support the full range of insurance investment operations.

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