Issuing, Transfer and Paying Agency

Global Debt Manager (GDM) is a suite of industry-leading solutions, seamlessly integrated under a common core with single-sign on. GDM enables Global Banks and Securities Firms to streamline Global Registrar and Transfer and Paying Agency Operations, providing a full range of Corporate Trust Support, encompassing Money Market Issuance, Long-Term Debt and Common Depository, with multi-currency and local market support world-wide. All products are built on the same core architecture for easy integration through a single point of entry and all are 100% web based.

Long-Term Debt Manager

Provides a robust browser-based application for conventional debt and structured finance accounting. Book entry and registered bonds are provided with full connectivity to the DTCC and third-party applications.

Common Depository Manager

Automates complex intermediary processing requirements between Paying Agents and the International Central Securities Depository clearing systems. Common Depository Manager is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, built to interact with any Paying Agent working for the Issuer, and is fully SWIFT enabled with multi-currency, multi-country support across all time zones, utilizing a single database.

GDM Match

Automates and controls the matching of actual cash receipts against open issuer debt service invoices. GDM Match is a state-of-the-art management and workflow tool that automatically monitors and categorizes open items. It is fully MQ enabled for easy, real-time integration to most bank systems.

Money Market Manager

Processes over 90 percent of the daily U.S. commercial paper, medium-term note and certificate of deposit market. M3 has led the industry with several innovations, among them being the first to communicate with the DTCC’s MMI system using MQ, automating the resetting of variable rate MTNs tied to any index, and automatically splitting and tracking transactions greater than $50 million. Money Market Manager offers full front-to-back-office support for all aspects of short-term issuance, money market processing including setup, ECN support, accounting, trading, interest accruals, payments, and reporting.