SS&C Algorithmics Managed Data Analytics Service

SS&C Algorithmics MDAS offers end-to-end managed data services as well as access to sophisticated risk management, analytics and investment decision support tools on a highly scalable platform without the significant costs of maintaining a full on-premise deployment. With its integrated risk framework including a broad coverage of asset classes and access to an extensive range of financial models, SS&C Algorithmics provides features of an on-premise financial risk solution with bundled data on cloud. SS&C Algorithmics combines the benefits of turn-key risk services with flexibility of solution customization and operational robustness.

Cloud Advantage - Highly scalable, flexible and secure platform with increased performance provides more value at lower costs.

Advanced Analytics - Extensive coverage in asset classes, analytical models and risk perspectives across instruments, risk factors and investment strategies.

Client Driven - Configurable solutions tailored to user needs with dedicated support for customized scenarios, analysis, processing and reporting.

On Demand Capabilities - Speed in valuation, simulation and reporting with quick responsiveness to markets and portfolio changes.

Integrated Data - Intuitive web-based interface provides transparent results and data driven insights based upon an integrated risk framework.

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