SS&C Aloha

Investment Operations Reimagined

SS&C Aloha is an all new investment operations platform that provides extensive asset class and functional support across the front, middle and back office. Built natively for the cloud with advanced technology, Aloha features an innovative user experience, actionable monitors, notifications and alerts infused with AI.

Smart, innovative technologies matched with deep functionality streamline your business and provide users with critical business intelligence via machine learning, workflow engine and KPI and system health monitoring.

The days of patchwork operations and disparate systems are over. With SS&C Aloha, the future of investment management operations has arrived.

Investment Operations Reimagined

SS&C Aloha combines 35 years of real-world investment operations experience with leading and innovative technologies, including Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Natural Language Processing and Intelligent Workflow, underpinned by SS&C’s global technology infrastructure.

Our next generation of innovation:

  • Is designed around a single data model that supports all phases of the investment process and delivers current and up-to-date information to all users.
  • Has a flexible, intuitive interface and workflows tailored to each user persona across the front, middle and back office.
  • Is rich with functionality and deep in support of asset class capabilities.
  • Is smart from the start with advanced technologies designed into the core to monitor results, flag issues, and suggest next steps.
  • Stays constantly current with automatic upgrades in the cloud so users can always take advantage of the most current innovation and capabilities.
  • Is built and continuously enhanced by investment software and services experts, taking full advantage of decades-long, industry-leading experience.