Blue Sky Administration

Blue Sky laws can be complicated to navigate, and administration of your blue sky program can be costly.

We help you understand what you need to know in each state to stay ahead of the ever-changing regulations that govern Blue Sky securities. Risk mitigation is always at the forefront of our operations, making sure you avoid financial penalties and unnecessary hassles.

Our Blue Sky Administration service includes:

  • State Blue Sky filings (initial, amendment, renewal, and fund changes).
  • Daily sales monitoring
  • Blue Sky Legal consultation
  • Enhanced Blue Sky Oversight for Transfer Agent Clients
  • Work with any Transfer Agent or Broker Systems
  • Customized Blue Sky billing cycle and automated payment.
  • Exemption processing.

Also included are detailed reports that help us identify potential opportunities to maximize compliance and keep your fees low. We strive to help you stay informed throughout the process so you can better understand how your state fees are calculated. We’re continuously looking out for best practices that are cost-effective and save you money in the long and short term. Backed by industry leadership and operational expertise, we keep you engaged with consultations and improvement recommendations.

Let us be your strategic ally and help you achieve your goals and maintain an efficient Blue Sky program. To learn more about how our Blue Sky solution can help your firm, read our latest whitepaper "Blue Sky Administration: Offering the Potential to Achieve State Fee Cost Savings" or download our "Offering the Potential to Achieve State Fee Cost Savings" case study that highlights why SS&C should be your choice for Blue Sky Administration.