Pensions and Actuarial Services

U.K. market only

With an ever-changing regulatory landscape and greater consumer flexibility following pension reforms by the U.K. Government, pension providers and financial advisers are challenged to provide products that are both suitable and appropriate to the end consumer, and have the ability to visualize the life cycle of the investment.

With our multi-purpose calculation engine at its core, our range of financial planning solutions integrates with your customer portals and is designed to help deliver accurate, compliant, and actuarially sound illustrations and analysis.

Regulated key features illustrations - Help satisfy regulatory requirements for existing and new customers, providing a cost-effective, comprehensive illustration solution to meet requirements throughout the product life cycle.

Financial planning for retirement - Facilitate the creation and review of planning advice and provide a holistic view of all customer assets, both pre- and post-retirement.

Transfer value analysis - Help your clients find the best opportunities within the complex pension marketplace while meeting your compliance obligations. A web-based application, our transfer value analysis solution (TVAS) equips you with everything you need to provide comprehensive and personalized advice to your clients including tailored-report generated tools and consumer-focused calculation methods.