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Feb 2, 2023

Prioritizing Business Intelligence Initiatives

In our "How Should Your Business Intelligence Team Spend Their Time?" blog post, we wrote about the varied roles of Business Intelligence teams across firms and what functions BI teams spend their time on vs. outsourcing to third parties. Here we look at the key initiatives that BI teams are focused on, how they prioritize those initiatives, and how those initiatives should be integrated into the firm.

Sep 29, 2022

What Is Your Firm Doing to Close Its Customer Knowledge Gap?

We all know that understanding our customers is good business. A good foundational understanding of their business needs, preferences and behaviors can produce lift and help build strong, lasting relationships. We also know that data is the best way to bridge gaps in our knowledge about customers. 

Aug 24, 2022

Are You Measuring Customers' Influence, Value and Opportunity (IVO)?

Identifying and prioritizing the relationships that are most likely to help your organization reach its goals requires a comprehensive understanding of your customer. Acquiring this level of understanding enables firms to distill every advisor relationship down to three core components: influence, value and opportunity (IVO). Our “Knowing Your Customer through Data” whitepaper outlines how firms can gain a better understanding of their customers and achieve positive results for their business by developing a data strategy. Here, we highlight the three pillars of SS&C's data-driven IVO framework for segmentation, the most commonly used and sought-after data points associated with each (as stated by business intelligence professionals at leading asset managers), and the hurdles asset managers may encounter in acquiring, interpreting and incorporating these data inputs.

Jul 22, 2022

How Should Your Business Intelligence Team Spend Their Time?

Having a Business Intelligence (BI) team was once considered an added bonus at “forward-thinking,” large asset management firms. This is firmly no longer the case; a BI function is now essential at firms of all sizes, due in no small part to the existence and availability of numerous data types and sources. In a recent BI survey of 23 asset management firms, 100% of responding firms had a BI/Data Intelligence function. While this is not surprising, the role and positioning of these functions differ significantly across firms.

Jun 21, 2022

Making Sense of an Uncertain Distribution Landscape

When it comes to the distribution (sales and marketing) of investment products, the variability of product value, changing market conditions and economic outlooks, evolving consumer preferences and behaviors, and technological advancements make the future uncertain. But if there is one certainty in our world, it is that the future distribution landscape will look quite different from the distribution landscape of the past.

Jun 3, 2022

Why Remote Sales Engagements are Still Necessary (and Will Be)

In our "Remote Selling is Here to Stay" study, we analyzed survey results from more than 500 financial advisors (conducted in association with Horsesmouth) to identify how advisors are now thinking about engagements with asset managers as many professionals are returning to the office. The results may surprise you.

May 27, 2022

Advisors Still Aren’t Sold on Webinars: How Asset Managers Can Help

Hosting events for investors has long been a cornerstone of financial advisors’ practice development efforts. Educational seminars, in particular, are a popular way for advisors to build a relationship with prospects, enabling advisors to position themselves as trustworthy experts while providing valuable insights to attendees.

Apr 5, 2022

Are You Optimizing Your Territory Design Efforts?

In almost every consulting engagement that our Research, Analytics and Consulting group undertakes, we are tasked with determining whether an asset manager's territories are optimized and, if they are not, how can they be. The designing and structuring of wholesaler territories have evolved significantly in recent years, with managers using a myriad of strategies and each integrating data to varying degrees and at different stages of the process. Our recent “Productivity Insights: National Sales Team” survey investigated the initiatives being prioritized by distribution organizations. The survey reveals that advisor segmentation has remained a top priority for most managers in each of the last two years while territory design and structure have become less important and are prioritized by fewer firms.


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