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SS&C Brokerage Solutions: Comprehensive Solutions for Broker-Dealers and Intermediaries

Choosing the right provider to support your evolving business is crucial. SS&C Brokerage Solutions offers deep expertise, scale, and innovation as a trusted partner to support a wide range of products and services.

Trusted Industry Leader Offering Multi-Faceted Solutions

Whether its BPO subaccounting, super-omnibus subaccounting, SaaS, or back office support of alternatives, SS&C Brokerage Solutions can help you streamline your operations while reducing your resource spend and risk.

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SS&C ALTSERVE simplifies broker-dealer processing for alternatives through automation and transparency, driving efficiency and strengthening controls.


Superomnibus Subaccounting: Breaking Down Barriers for Broker-Dealers

At SS&C, we have implemented many subaccounting solutions for leading broker-dealers. Our superomni model allows self-clearing firms that traditionally have not had the size to participate in this market the ability to do so.


What to Look For in A Subaccounting Provider

When selecting a subaccounting provider, it’s crucial to consider various factors given the high stakes for your business and clients.

A Complementary Suite of Solutions for Broker-Dealers and Intermediaries


Gain efficiencies for your omnibus business. With SS&C, clients benefit from real-time connectivity with SS&C’s transfer agent fund data, integrated reconciliation, and connectivity with the industry’s leading brokerage systems.

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Alternatives Investment Servicing

ALTSERVE™, an integrative, outsourced back-office solution that automates and standardizes the range of labor-intensive and disconnected functions associated with processing alternatives.

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Advisor Servicing

Improve cost efficiencies, optimize post-sales servicing and increase your competitive advantage with DST Vision’s powerful, easy-to-use tools and access to real-time, critical information.

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Intelligent Automation

Powerful intelligent automation solutions that help organizations reimagine the workplace and how work is done, rapidly reshape operating models and transform customer and employee experiences.

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Expert Support for Disruptive Business Events

Organizations are often confronted with disruptive business situations and don’t have enough qualified resources to meet the challenge. SS&C Flex is your secret weapon for tackling and minimizing the impact of unusual and seasonal events on your operations.

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Distribution Solutions

Make informed decisions with a deeper understanding of the market, competitors, clients and industry trends with our data-driven intelligence.

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Wealth Management

Transform your business with Black Diamond’s comprehensive wealth management platform built for your success today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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