Risk & Compliance

Satisfy investor demand and regulatory requirements.

Regulations keep getting more stringent. Compliance has become an onerous administrative burden, especially for firms investing internationally, and successfully managing risk is becoming more complex. Financial institutions are faced with evolving regulatory challenges, heightened competition, more types and sources of data to analyze, and new risk types all in a low growth environment. However, with challenge comes opportunity. Fast, sophisticated insights enable firms to manage complex risk and seize competitive advantage. Our compliance solutions and services streamline processes and free staff to be more productive. What’s more, they enable you to demonstrate rigorous controls and transparency to investors and regulators alike.

Risk Analytics: SS&C Algorithmics provides a range of award-winning solutions to address market risk, credit risk, asset-liability management, liquidity risk, economic capital and regulatory capital. Based on sophisticated models and analytics and utilizing modern technologies, they deliver both the high performance and the superior user experience required to meet today’s regulatory challenges while providing business value.

Tax Reporting/AEOIS: Tax compliance is growing increasingly complex. SS&C offers a robust and comprehensive tax and investor compliance solution using industry-tested technology and best practices to manage your data while reducing your operational burden and cost. Reduce your operational burden by using our industry-tested technology to manage your data.

Risk Compliance: Our solutions enable you to turn your policies into automated processes. Create rules and set alerts to ensure you are never in breach of internal policies, regulations or client mandates. SS&C provides accurate and detailed surveillance and analysis of all transactions, orders, account activity and holdings. Every day, Chiefs of Compliance and Compliance teams look to SS&C to assist them in their mandated day-to-day supervisory activities.

Regulatory Reporting: Take advantage of our automated tools and a team of experts to reduce regulatory risk, conserve staff resources and deliver accurate, timely and compliant reports. Our solutions cover both local and global regulations across multiple jurisdictions and regimes, including US SEC Form PF, FATCA, AIFMD, EMIR, MIFID and more.

Blue Sky Administration: Designed to give you a competitive advantage. We offer a comprehensive, full-service program that delivers state Blue Sky filings, daily sales monitoring, exemption processing, and secure, online client reporting. Our expert consultants are well-positioned to prioritize what matters to you when dealing with Blue Sky securities - risk mitigation and state fee cost savings. Our flexible Blue Sky administration solution also features enterprise integration and can be used with any transfer agent platform. Read our "Blue Sky Administration: Offering the Potential to Achieve State Fee Cost Savings" case study to learn more.

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