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SS&C Loan Solutions

Technology for the full loan lifecycle for all loan types

Diversify your portfolio with confidence, knowing all of your loan management needs will be managed seamlessly.


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Stay Afloat with Your Loan Portfolio


Deep Understanding of All Loan Types

With uniquely broad product coverage combined with deep industry capabilities, we can support your most complex portfolios for the entire transaction lifecycle. This means you can focus on business strategy, closing deals and optimizing ROI.


Operate and Scale Efficiently

SS&C’s commercial technology provides complete transparency and control supported by industry experts in key global markets: London, New York, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Singapore, Mumbai, Sydney.


Improve ROI and Save Time

Our integrated platform helps you realize significant cost and time savings with streamlined workflows, elimination of repetitive and error-prone manual tasks and tight risk and compliance measures.

End-to-End Loan Servicing Helps You Solve for Today’s
Critical Lending Challenges

Improve borrower and lender experiences and increase transparency. Say good bye to data access, reporting and sharing issues. Manage documentation and paperwork with accuracy, security and efficiency.

What we can do for you

With SS&C’s solutions for lenders and fund administrators, investors can diversify their portfolios with confidence. Our deep loan market expertise and advanced technology come together to support for the entire loan lifecycle

Deal Marketing & Due Diligence

Investor outreach, secure document sharing with prospective investors, activity tracking, book building, stakeholder Q&A and more.


Digitization, centralization and processing of loan data from borrower, agent banks, etc. to facilitate loan structure, loan notices, credit proposal and issuance process.

Settlement & Closing

Full loan closing support & coordination; validation of trade confirmations, assignment & assumption agreements, purchase & sale agreements, pricing letters; trade status reporting.

Shadow Servicing/Agency Administration

Borrower invoicing, coordination of principal repayment & borrowing elections; notifications of interest elections, payments & other lifecycle events; timely & secure initiation of wires to lenders; cash administration; investor reporting.

Transaction Management

Commitment decrease/increase, drawdown, paydown, rollover with new contract terms, restructuring, customer agent notice data, activity status and more.

Loan Administration

Straight-through processing; daily cash & position reconciliation; term loans, revolvers, mezzanine, delayed draw, payment-in-kind, multi-currency; timely data sourcing; processing status.

Asset Surveillance/Covenant Tracking

Property level tax and insurance; rent and lease rolls; operating statements to derive DSCRs; appraisals to track LTVs; inspections.

Portfolio Accounting & Reporting

Credit facility & activity; reporting & analytics; scheduled or ad-hoc payment in-kind; full delayed compensation & cost of carry accruals; flexible payment schedules, delinquent interest tracking & management; amortization of loan discount.

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