Volley’s AI knowledge engine to power SS&C Learning Institute’s industry-leading financial markets offering

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 | By Grant Kreft

Volley’s AI knowledge engine to power SS&C Learning Institute’s industry-leading financial markets offering

We are pleased to share that renowned artificial intelligence firm Volley (volley.com), backed by JPMorgan Chase and both former CTOs of Goldman Sachs, has been selected to power the SS&C Learning Institute’s next generation of education and training offerings. The partnership provides SS&C’s internal family of companies and their Fortune 500 customers seamless access to Volley’s knowledge engine and enhances the SS&C Learning Institute’s key offerings in compliance, risk management, financial advisory and financial products.

Often adopted in areas like cybersecurity and GDPR, tech fluency, compliance, and soft skills, Volley’s knowledge engine uses an advanced type of artificial intelligence known as natural language understanding (NLU) to automatically generate and recommend content. This technology makes the creation, curation and delivery of enterprise knowledge and skills like SS&C’s faster, cheaper, and more engaging through automation.

SS&C understands that our employees and clients operate in extremely complex environments, where knowledge must adapt to changing conditions, roles, regulations and levels of learner attention. We’re committed to providing our workforce and our clients with validated, state-of-the-art solutions that offer total control and flexibility, like Volley. Volley is now an essential strategic partner, empowering our employees and our customers by allowing them to automatically tailor, transform and enhance their learning and knowledge management ecosystems.

“We have grown very impressed with SS&C’s industry knowledge, portfolio of leading technology solutions and customer-centric approach. This validated approach to software, digital transformation and learning align very closely with our own,” said Volley cofounder Carson S. Kahn, Chief Executive Officer and former Chief Technology Officer. “As we work with similar customers, Volley recognizes the challenges these firms face not only in managing complex businesses and training activities across a spectrum of standards but also in choosing technologies like AI to operate efficiently. SS&C’s commitment to helping their own workforce and our shared customers navigate those challenges is one we deeply welcome.”

To learn more about the SS&C Learning Institute, visit our website here or email us at gkreft@sscinc.com.  

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