MarketCenter Hub

Augment your trade infrastructure with outsourced messaging and reporting services.

MarketCenter Hub is a fully outsourced electronic trading infrastructure that wraps around your existing trading and surveillance systems to optimize trading messaging flows and increase transparency. MarketCenter Hub provides you with maximum agility in electronic trading while also enabling you to streamline infrastructure and control costs. It easily integrates with your existing infrastructure, allowing you to outsource tasks that are non-differentiated or not cost-effective to develop and support in-house. And SS&C provides ongoing, expert service and support from implementation through everyday operation.

Complete FIX connectivity: MarketCenter hub delivers FIX connectivity at all levels” institutions to broker-dealers, broker-dealers to markets, brokers to brokers, and internally from system to system. 

Advanced message handling: MarketCenter Hub will perform all and any required FIX version conversions and tag transformations. We handle all order routing message types, including cancels, cancel/replaces, and asynchronous reporting.

Transparency for monitoring and surveillance: Managing FIX traffic for all trading applications via MarketCenter Hub creates a single central data stream for your risk monitoring and surveillance applications.

Comprehensive Order Audit Trail System (OATS) reporting: SS&C’s Financial Markets Group is a FINRA-certified Transmitting and Reporting Order Sending Organization (OSO) and submits OATS reporting for over 100 firms. We deliver a comprehensive OATS reporting solution for any set of trading systems and at any level of complexity.

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