MarketLook Information System

Communicate directly with the NYSE trading floor in real time.

Market intelligence and insight into trading activity on the NYSE is invaluable in making informed and timely trading decisions. MarketLook is a messaging solution that enables your trading team to request and receive real-time market information directly from their brokers on the floor. With a web-based interface to the NYSE’s booth system and mobile computers, MarketLook enables traders to get the information they need when they need it to help reduce trading risks.

Easy to use: MarketLook’s intuitive interface requires virtually no training. It can be configured to suit each individual user's specific trading interest and needs.

Flexible delivery options: Choose between a web-based or in-house hosted service, with the option to have the solution white-labeled for your specific firm and client base.

Compliance archiving: Industry-standard file format (RFC 2822) capture and storage helps your firm comply with SEC requirements for message storage and retrieval.

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