Money Market Manager

Trust in the industry leader for commercial paper processing.

Leading financial institutions use Money Market Manager (M3) to process over 90% of the daily U.S. commercial paper and medium-term note market. M3 is recognized as the industry leading, innovative accounting and reporting solution for commercial paper, MTNs and certificates of deposit, with ECN support, interest accruals, OFAC reporting and monthly billing calculations.

Easy to use: M3 allows fast and easy setup and maintenance for reference information and new customers, programs or issuers, as well as for entering, approving, modifying or voiding trades.

Real-time transaction and system monitors: Vault processing and inventory control limit the need for manual checking. The system supports all transaction types including payments on interest and principal, full and partial prepayments and death puts, transfers, splits and consolidations, escheatment and security identifier generation.

Support of multiple direct issuer formats: M3 supports MQ/series links to DTCC for PIM, EPIM and MMI, automated links to DTCC for PORS, PAMM and other functions, and links to third-party systems for DDA, wires, EFT and billing applications.