Streamline operations and drive efficiency with a flexible, modular platform.

PORTIA is a comprehensive, middle-to-back office investment operations platform that encompasses portfolio accounting, fund accounting, performance measurement and attribution, reconciliation and client reporting for your global assets. Firms of all types around the world rely on PORTIA to track day-to-day portfolio activity, with visibility across all transactions and positions. Its modular design and open architecture allow for a high level of customization and easy integration with other systems. With flexible deployment operations, PORTIA can be installed on-premise, hosted in the cloud or fully outsourced to reduce your IT footprint and overhead.

Avoid manual processes: PORTIA streamlines operations and reduces risks with real-time integration with other systems, applications, data providers and counterparties.

Consolidate multiple systems: Account for and report on all security types with one solution.

Wide range of reports: Deliver thorough, timely and accurate reporting for management, clients and regulators.